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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Merrye Thanksgiving

courtesy of 1890 Gable House Goods

Thanksgiving morning was
 a cold one here
at the cottage.
It was 29 degrees out as I awoke.
The coffee brewed...
signaling to my husband to awake.
I chuckled as I watched out the window.
A cold blue sky
with a few white clouds~
our gang of squirrels
and playing along the
stockade fencing.
I could hear the chickadees
in the hedgerow
along the side of the house.

Sauce was simmering and Ziti was in the making.
The Season is upon us.

Courtesy of 1890 Gable House Goods
 Thanksgiving becomes different
 as we grow.
Some seats are empty~
and new ones are filled.
Life's cycle.
While I am not nestled in
my beloved mountains,
they are within me.

While my Mom and daughter's 
celebrate up North,
I will join Tim's family
which has been our normal.
I always add 
the Caruso part of my family
within our Thanksgiving.
I may not mill the tomatoes 
at the Caruso table,
but the sauce is a part 
of blending families.

I find myself
settling into my new normal.
my biggest show is behind me.
For the first time
in 20 years,
I am not making for the holidays,
but simply enjoying

I know there are changes ahead,
as I settle on 
a new business model.

I love
the blackened wax ornaments
 Gable House Goods.
They bring me back
to a time
of my beginings...
I have loved making chalkware from my own sculpts and molds~
and have often thought,
that blackened wax
would be 
As I write my 
business plan for next year,
and shape my business
for the future;
I also see things 
that still catch my heart.
I'm not exactly sure
how I set things up,
but I do know 
that my heart will 
lead the way.

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