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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Inspiration Touches Your Soul

The TV is usually on as I work...
sometimes I will catch
 an oldie but a goodie ~
which I love because I can just listen 
and keep my attention to the matter at hand.

something that you see, 
will catch your eye.
You have seen the movie
many times.
you can just listen to it..
but as you catch a glance,
it is kismet.

Nanny McPhee.
A glance up in the beginning was all it took..
A china doll was hung on 
on a door...
and that day, 
it caught me.

There was a lot of research
on construction
along with a technique that 
would go perfectly.

Art is a labor of so much love....
reflects your soul..
and images that touch it.

is but a start.
I will grow with this...
and love both her
 the process.

This set
is also a wink and a nod
to another time...
I can be so weird.
I know,
but in my world,
it makes perfect sense.

Both are available 

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