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Friday, September 9, 2016

September Goodies

Mrs. Munson (left) & Harriet Lurvey
fun little shelf leaners or tucks.
they have their eye on you!
Our few days of cool, September weather
have drifted away. 
Even yesterday's storms and rain, 
did not make a dent in the heat and humidity.
Summer; it seems,
does not want to let hold of her grasp.

He is inspired by our back yard hooligan's and named after a beloved.
Sometimes, they just capture the spirit of someone I love. 

My head has been in Fall
since January.
 when I decided that it was time...
to step back in to the memories of my beginnings.
Memories of magical days, 
drawing and dreaming 
in an old 1812 House
and a wonderful friend.
I don't see enough of her,
now that I have moved.

Miss Brimfield.
When she first appeared,
 she was an instant hit with her touch of realism
 and Deer mouse markings.
She takes some fussing with,
but oh so worth it!
It was at that time,
 that we spoke of our love of Halloween.
Of old cemeteries...
and skeletons.
along with the time period of those early gravestones.

Folky Gloves
Fun and unusual...
perhaps they will spark your imagination in other ways!
Always the first to go at shows.
So you have seen,
the wink and the nod.
Squeezed in between 
the whimsy .
It just seems to come out, 
no matter how hard that I try to 
put myself back.

Edna Nettle's Shoe
A fun pocket hanger.
let your imagination run wild
with the possibilities of what to tuck in her show.
At Thanksgiving,
 it is also the perfect Pilgrim's shoe.

It's all goode, though...
The whimsy makes for goode patterns.
and so...
a couple months ago, 
I started work on a pattern release.

The Kiss
He is a fun fellow and much belated
 as many of you have asked for his pattern. I love him propped on a shelf.
perfect for a Princess' bookshelf!

 It takes awhile as I balance it all..
but when it finally comes together~ 
What fun!!!

no goode pattern release,
should be had without a sale.
You can hop over to my Etsy Shop by clicking on on any picture.
once there,
remember to use coupon code
when you check out.
just like magic
you will receive 20% off.
(Goode until Sunday, September 11 at midnight EST)

Harvey WallBanger
last...but not in anyway least!
He has given us big chuckles here!

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