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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

As Autumn Slips In...

A wee mousel napping after a long day of practicing spells

I have been noting
the subtle change of the leaves...
and our usual busy back yard,
 full of robins and butterflies..

             Today brought milky skies...
and a touch of coolness
 that promises to stay awhile.
As we went to do errands, you could see it fully~
a quite noticable change in the leaves...
and the smell that is so intoxicating.. 
of leaves
dancing on the wind.

 Each day now, 
as the days get shorter...
the air will smell stronger and stonger of Fall. 

What could be more perfect?
Why, EHAG Emporium of course.
What better way to celebrate~
Not only is this wee mousel an offering, 
but there are many more
wonderful works!

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