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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Strawberry Moon And A Firefly Summer

Halle~ the first of the 2016 Pumpkin Ladyes

In the wee hours of Monday 
I went out to peek at the moon.
Summer Solstice with a Full moon is magical indeed.
Clouds were racing in front of the moon at times...
 the winds carried the smell
 of pine and roses,
wrapping me like a quilt.
This is the start of my Firefly Summer....

Mz Soot~ Black Cat Ladye

Summer memories of my childhood.
Endless days, 
filled with family, friends and adventures;
but it was the nights
 that were always my favorite.

At the sight of the first Firefly, 
we gathered jars..
running about and capturing them.

We marveled over their magical ability 
and wondered if there was really an
"Ugly Bug Ball"...
as Aunt Edna once told me.

How fun would it be to see that~
or catch a glimpse of fairies.
These nights always ended much too soon..

A jar full of twinkles would fly out at the end of the night.
To bed we would go~
Sleepy and intoxicated 
with belief in magic,
that always happened while we were asleep
 we were never quite able to capture it....

Weaving wee baskets of wire.
I love that I am able to make and create most all of the little details.

And so now,
 there are wee ones once again...
and we will be able to pass the magic
of a Firefly Summer on.
For me;
I will be creating my own magical friends to keep me company, 
a short while.
 They will go to new homes and families.
It seems, 
that I truly have fallen into
 the work of my dreams.

Pip~ the fairy mouse.
These friends are truly made of memories.

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Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Love Pip the Fairy Mouse - oh so sweet - as are all of your creations!