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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Speak In Fabric....

I love textiles...
and have been drawn to them
 from the time I was little.

 Stitchery, laces 
intricate handwork
capture me,

Fabric draws me like deer to headlights.
I step into a fabric store 
and the voices come... 

"I need" and "will you look at this"
babble away..
Sometimes not just in my head; 
but making their presence known in what I call
" The Rainman Effect"

Yes.. I babble away in my own little world 
as Dustin Hoffman's Character did.
Friends and family can attest to it.
I'm sure that I am entertainment to some.
To me, 
it is very important business 
that is done between bolts and the Universe.
When I walk out with my treasures,
 I know if they are Pumpkin Ladye dresses,
Mousel apparel~
or just a piece that I need to covet...
 until they whisper where they go.
Exactly like the orange fabric in the picture.
Stay tuned!

~ * ~

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