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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June Is A Race

June is taking off  
like the month is some kind race.
Here at the Cottage it is!
We have crammed our days full.

The gardens are in and look wonderful.
Some projects complete.
and my creating~ 
 has been full on!
 I am also balancing my time with my retired Beloved.

We are both learning 
how our days will 


Jaune and Halle made it to the finish line on Early Work~
However, they weren't quite early.

Junes allergies
 and computer issues have struck.

Mackenzie Rose

Our biggest news however,
 is the arrival of
Miss Mackenzie Rose.

Master Tommy is a big brother!!!

 Grampa will be welcoming
Miss Mackenzie soon,
to come stay with us while Mommie works.
Just as we did with big brother.

 you have been warned, that baby pictures are sure to sneak in among the Wee Folk here!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations all around!! Love your creations, but of course the BEST creation is that little snuggle bunny being held by Granpa...

kdduncan said...

congratulations on your wee MacKenzie Rose. My granddaughter, also named MacKenzie Rose will be two in July. What a wee world!

Maggie Lowe said...

What a pleasure to visit your blog. Love the music. Did you enjoy War and Peace. I watched it on TV here in England and was totally captivated.

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Life only gets better as we grow older and those little ones pop into our lives. Enjoy every minute of it....and oh yeah - LOVE Jaune and Halle !

Stacey said...

Life does only get better and better as our children bring us grandchildren to fill our hearts and arms! Maggie~ I LOVE war and Peace~ So well done and the attention to dress and sets is wonderful <3