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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Not Perfect

My Queen Anne Pumpkin Ladye needed to get her details before her arms and legs were finished.

Spring is not perfect...
It takes it's time. 
Sometimes it steps back for one last dance with 
Old Father Winter...
Sometimes it likes to play in the rain.
For days and days.
It sets it's own pace.
As do I.

I love the stylized features but she was too blank at this point. Her friend is getting a bit of a change also as I try to increase her size and do her up a bit differently. Push and grow!

I find myself happily engrossed in my work.
I thought I had my work plans for this year all planned out.
 Then opportunity happened
 and I find myself in full Halloween mode.
I knew after the Holidays, 
that I wanted to step back to the magic that Primitive Halloween held for me almost 20 years ago.
I felt it would be a slow dance and inspiration would be a slower pace until Summer.
Opportunity held it's own magic.
I don't want to let go.
I want to dig deeper and create more.

Poor girl was looking a bit too Alien before I had all of her layers -
not to mention arms and legs complete.

Part of that is including an exploration
and researching of old stones and dolls.  Understanding it in replication 
along with a little touch of me.
My Queen Anne inspired is imperfect in reproduction terms...
certainly not purist.
I don't want to be held so firmly in replication that I lose the spirit that is me.
I just need the feel of it.
So as you see, my little Queen Anne is coming along in clay, not wood...
and while she may keep most of the stylized formula, 
she is done in my terms...
as a Pumpkin Ladye. 

I just love the colors of Marie's Shoe...It brightens a gloomy day!
And so, 
on this rainy week,
 I balance pattern orders 
and work around a Wee one
for a couple days. 
In between,
I work towards a video on Paperclay,
a shrinking mound of personal paperwork...
and new clay friends with an edge towards Halloween.


Julie Rockhold said...

My gosh....I LOVE your work!!!!


penny said...

So love all your work...I did have a thought...which I will ask you in a question...How much paper clay do you use, say like on a monthly basis? Lots? You got the touch! Art-On!

Stacey said...

Thank you Julie and Penny~ It always amazes me just how many people stop by here~ and from all over the world. I am thankful for all of you. Let me see if I can answer you Penny. It all of course depends on what I am making. If I make the pincushion dolls, I can get about 5 or 6 out of a brick as they only have the top half of their bodies. If I make a full size doll like the rabbit that I just finished~ I can get 2 and a good start on the 3rd. I have 3 bricks on hand at all times and I am fortunate to have a Hobby Lobby nearby with a coupon always in my phone. Right now I have 4 pieces in progress and if I am lucky, I will have them done within the month with time to spare. Clothing them can take just as much time as I fit the bodices to them as smoothly as I can and that can be tricky with clay!


Anonymous said...

Their eyes…their eyes…they're amazing...

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

You have such wonderful soulful work! Love your Ladye

Stacey said...

Thank you all so much~ Congratulations Lurena on Ghoultide! You will be a perfect fit!