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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This is such a favorite shoe...
and there are new styles stitched
and getting ready for Fall.

It's a busy Spring for us here at the cottage. 
We are still riding waves of change.
They are all falling into place and we are quite happy with them...
We are patiently awaiting the newest Grandbabe~ 
she will be here VERY soon.

When I was making the move to live with Tim,
I brought pips that originally came from my Grandmother's garden~
They have moved with me, where ever I go.
I wound blossoms around a wire form ~
they will be a treasure for many years.

Tim is settling into retirement quite nicely.
He can go back if the promised work picks up in the area.
So we wait to see what the Universe gives us...
A new hydrangea bush this year.
another favorite of mine~
and a reminder of my Grandmother.

He has our gardens looking quite lovely.
There are a few plants still to put in,
 as we mull over a more formal 
Herb Garden.

We are in full on Halloween mode
and I am loving it.
This little Pumplin is helping me dry some bat wings,
for a new friend that will be available on
at the end of the month.

As for me...
I have quite a few irons in the fire.
My pumpkin buddy is showing off a little sneak peek
for EHAG
at the end of the month...
The first of more bat wings to come in my work.
I am off and running with a few Halloween opportunities.

Tis the season for binge watching as I work.
I confess;
I don't get to watch as much as listen...
and I have to constantly rewind to see what I missed.
I sure know how to milk a series!

And so,
 While I may not be able to show much right now...
there is plenty of sculpting and stitching going on...
along with wonderful 
movies to keep me inspired.

Life is full of changes for us to navigate through...
and although we have had quite a few 
in the past year and a half,
we see how much 
we have been truly blessed,
 as we navigate through them.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Life is Goode for you, Stacey!! I love the Outlander Series, but have not been able to watch it for the last few weeks because of Frontier internet foul-ups. Happy creating your bat wing pieces! Can't wait to see what you've got up your Halloween sleeve...