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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Unfamiliar Territory

Life often brings us to this place of growth. 
Stepping into unfamiliar territory
 and learning along the way. 
As an Artist, 
I tend to do this to myself (a lot!)....
There is just so much that I want to do and learn. 
A drive to create. 
I want to grow.

 I worked in the fabric and craft section
 of a Department store, 
when I first started figuring out how to sew and make primitive dolls.
 Women would come in with paper in hand, 
excited to pick fabrics for quilting classes. 
I envied them as I am NOT mathematical,
in any way, 
shape or form. 
I always felt that this was beyond me. 

 Tuesdays were Senior Days at our store and I loved working them. 
An elderly friend, 
Betty had told me about a Cathedral Window block.
 The following week, 
she came in with a copy of the instructions. 
I was smitten.....
but I felt it beyond me. 
Betty was so sweet, 
the next Tuesday, 
she brought in a block to show me.
 I am a visual learner, 
so this was an awesome thing 
and it looked so fun!

Delores, my cross eyed quality control assistant...
 she also drinks my clay water,

Life has gone on. 
The store closed years ago. 
My babies are young ladies.

I still look at quilting and adore it. 
Two years ago,
 I decided that any grandchildren
 would get a quilt from Tim and I. 
I had seen a pinwheel quilt and a tutorial. 
I jumped into unfamiliar territory 
and was bound and determined that I could do it...
it held many challenges for me, 
but I completed it. 

At the time, 
I felt that would never tackle anything like that again. 
 These moments are like childbirth. 
At the time, 
it is painful and you aren't sure that you will get through it,
 but you do.. 
and shortly after, 
you are willing to do it again.

I find myself in a bit of unfamiliar territory once again.
Another grand baby will soon be here!
 An Irish Chain pattern is what I will be jumping into.
 It can't be rocket science, right? 
 We shall see.

In the meantime. 
I was reminiscing about my friend Betty.
 I don't have that paper any longer, 
but I was able to look at a few tutorials 

Yes... a Catherdral Window block.
 It's only unfamiliar territory 
for a short time.
 I'm on my second block 
and even though it may not be perfect, 
it is all me.
 I jumped in Betty~ 
you were right,
 I DO love it!


Anonymous said...

If Betty only knew her influence! But perhaps she does…Congratulations, Stacey, on another grandchild coming! That's the best incentive I know for creating something beautiful.

The Eveningstitcher said...

With your talent and creativity...no doubt, you will master the Cathedral Window with no problem! Your girls will be truly blessed to receive a beautiful quilt from their mom! Can't wait to see the finished product! Have a great day, Stacey!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is a good post. I certainly hope you will share your progress. there are lots of us that are doing what we never thought we could do!