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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Busting Out In Spring

Miss Hester
We may not have had much snow to show for our Winter, 
but we are no less joyful with Spring's arrival.

Tim has been fast at work 
getting the gardens 
cleaned and ready. 
We are deciding what to plant ~
 some of the early veggies and flowers are all settled in.

Another view. She has gone to live with a special friend.
I am finally seeing my big changes,
coming to an end.
It has been a wild ride at times, 
but in just a couple more months,
 it will all be completed...

~and as one chapter ends, 
another begins....

Wee napper on a Cathedral Window pinkeep. I loved making this Quilt square!

As an artist, 
Spring is usually the time of changes 
and new offers also.
It has been bountiful, 
and I have made goode, solid choices
 that will move me in new directions. 
It will also push me to challenge myself.
Here is what I can share so far~

I loved the quilt square so much, I did 2!
Actually, I had a hard time limiting my fabric choices.

I have decided that I will only have one company
 that I will do licensed work for.
I just don't have time 
and I want to pursue different paths.
One of my favorite so far, 
is the joining of the EHAG group.
The Universe allows the right things to fall into place easily.
In December,
my heart reminisced
to the visions my friend and I had of Halloween.
I decided to step back into those days,
(almost 20 years ago)
and have them be a main structure of my business plan for this year.
In February, I was asked to join EHAG
I feel like it is all meant to be, 
and so perfectly!
Marie Antoinette was on my mind, and the inspire for "Marie's Shoe"
All of the mousie pinkeeps were available on Early Work Mercantile.

 I will be remaining with Early Works, 
in all of this~ 
and it is where you will find my primworks...
the pumpkin ladye sculpts will move to EHAG. 
They will still be limited.

Trying something new with Paperclay.
It worked perfectly and will be available Saturday, April 30th at 9pmEST
and finally~
I will be entering the video ~
 or Vlog (should I say?) world.
I'm not sure how much.
I'm not comfortable with me being in front of the camera..
 I feel that I am best 
behind it.
I will figure out my comfort zone as I jump in, right?

A friend had asked on my Goode Wife Facebook page
*(please stop by to "like" and follow if you don't already)*
if I might give a tutorial on how I make my clay works.
I had been approached before to do video tutorials by a couple companies over the years,
but was uncomfortable with the idea.
As messages and emails poured in,
I was amazed at just how many of you felt so unsure about how to begin working with clay.

And so...
I am putting my teacher hat on once again.
For the first time in front of a camera...
It is my way to give back,
something that is always very important to me.
I hope to take away the fears 
of not knowing if you are doing it right...
and replacing them with 
inspire and confidence 
to start your own creative journey.

Gathering with my brother and catching up.
He lives in Arizona...boy, was he cold this weekend!


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

I am thrilled to know that you will be holding video tutorials my good friend ~ very excited to 'see' you again!

gaylemontayostudio said...

I will be looking forward to seeing your videos. Sometimes you just have to say...to heck with it I'm just doing it...nothing is holding me back...moving forward now...OH! get some sponsors! I don't know how the other youtube artists do it though..I would just ask them right? The Frugal Crafter may help you stacey...she's awesome! I subscribe to her on youtube and wordpress. https://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/ LOVE YOUR ARTWORK STACEY!!! (glanning@msn.com)

gaylemontayostudio said...

This may help you out with advertising Stacey...I found it on Frugal Crafters blog...https://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/disclosure/

penny said...

I am so excited... as well as many others. You will be a joy to watch and learn this process from. I am happy that I wasn't the only one interested in your gift of sculpting..and doll making.. We know this will be so awesome.......You Rock!
Thank you

Anonymous said...

To grow means to take risks…good for you, Stacey! So excited for you…and I, like all the others, adore your work!