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Saturday, June 1, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

To say that it has been quite a week, may be an understatement. I have been quite busy still with orders and squeezing in some sculpting after a few weeks moving things from my Mom's home to ours. Memorial weekend was nice and quiet for us. Spent in solitude and remembrance...with a sprinkling of shamrock confetti on the gravesites of loved ones.

I have been working away on several sculpted pieces for offerings and enjoying myself.....until Wednesday night. This is thunderboomer season, which I admit that I enjoy. In Upstate NY, you don't think about tornados....but one decided to pay a visit Wednesday night. We had 15 minutes, to let our kids know and have Tim's kids get home. We took care of a few items in the back yard, grabbed the fur kids and went to the cellar. 

In true Jessie form, I get a text as the storm starts to really hit.
"I need to get Prom Shoes"
to which, I reply:
"Can we wait til after the tornado"

Tim's kids were a few streets before ours and heading to their house as they saw a funnel cloud.....
we were lucky, it lifted before it got to our house. It was an EF2. There was quite a bit of damage, and only 1 injury in the course of its 17 mile journey. Aside from debris, we lost power until the next day. 

 Today, we spent up north, enjoying the last Prom for this Mom. Jess wasn't too upset about not having new shoes. Together, with Matt, they make a stunning couple. Her dress is a wink and a nod to her Grampa in Heaven~ for our artful family; it is Vincent Van Gogh's, "Starry Night". A favorite  of  ours and especially Grampa's.

Jess and Matt; friends since the 7th grade. It took a lot for them to figure out that they were more than just friends. I knew... their friends knew.They made a great team before they realized it. They have the right stuff. They are both very grounded and ambitious. They have plenty of support between both families. Jess just needs to listen to her Mom. Mom is always right...even about tornado's.


Baggaraggs: said...

I am so glad that you are ok. Scary. Hurricanes and tornadoes...all scary stuff. Your daughter looks beautiful. Good Job Mom!

Mäsywi-Bären said...

this rabbit is wonderful

hugs from sylvia

Corinne said...

So glad that you survived the storms with no injury. The prom couple are lovely. What a rite of passage.

What an amazing rabbit. Probably the loveliest I have seen!