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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kneading Therapy

I have been kneading either clay or dough since I was a young girl. Mostly clay, but coming from an Italian family, my Mom and Grandmother kept a kitchen humming. A friend of mine ( Thank you Tracy!) was nice enough to share her Pita bread recipe. While it is going to take some practice to get them to puff as nice as hers, I can tell you that they were yummy good. The kneading is particularly soothing and as I enjoyed this quiet task, I looked back upon this past year of mine.

As most of you know, many pattern designers had a tough go with it last year. As tough as it was, it gave the opportunity to open conversation and explain things that others had not truly thought of, such as Piracy. Social media was ablaze and it is in such times, that you see how people treat each other. I saw that after the initial shock and rants, there were people that I truly did not want to have connections with. Unkind words and actions were perplexing. Over time came distance, with the people and with Social Media. I had to learn how to balance it, to be a fruitful part of my life. It has been a time of healing inside and out. A time of family and a time of discovery for me. I am happy for the outcome. 

Back are my sculpts, with a renewed sense of direction. I have learned better pattern making and technique for my mice and birds. I am thankful for a couple of friends that encouraged me this Winter to keep up with the armatures and take them further. I have so loved this journey and the birds that have come as I have grown.They truly are matching the look of what I set out for a year ago.

Chapters close in your life and it is not a bad thing....

I am healthier, inside and out (and it's wonderful to see inches disappear). I walk the walk, not talk the talk.....

I have goode friends that are goode people inside and out. They are not mean to others. Their actions match their heart.

I have goode family beside and two daughters that are both on their next journey. Through sunshine or storm, we all have each other.

I am grateful for the opportunities given me....for the lessons learned along the way. Also, for the friends and family that keep the better path.


Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

Loved reading this! It gives me hope! The wind gets taken out of your sails when people steal and copy. So glad you stuck to it!
Shawnette Imseeingraggedies
:) <3

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

it's clear that you are following your compass my friend ~ may all your dreams come true.
~ Lori

Jean Bee said...

Great post! I love your art and look forward to reading your posts when they appear in my inbox.

There are some ??? people out there - I've unfriended a few on Facebook. I don't understand why people can't be happy for others when they have success in whatever they are doing. I also don't want to be associated with them.

Looking forward to your next creation!

Corinne said...

What an insightful post. Having found you recently, I am unaware of the past, but going forward, I wish you only the best. The piracy issues will likely plague artists who share, however, you must do what ever you need to do to maintain your autonomy. Your amazing talent is a gift to all who read or purchase your patterns or finished pieces. Goode Wishes to you and yours.