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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goode News!

I'm taking a leap of FAITH, once again. I get emails every week asking for finished pieces. I like my selling sites, don't get me wrong~ they have been wonderful and they have given me so much on my Artful journey. Every once in awhile, I think...what if I just set up a selling page and have a web show here or there too???

Well, I'm ready to try it.I have the page all set and I am happy to announce that on  June 13th~ Thursday Evening at 7pm EST, I will be opening my little Album, specifically for finished pieces and placing a couple things up for sale.If you would like an email reminder, just send your request to:


A click on my little Pumpkin Ladye (above)  or on my "tab" (Wee Folk For Sale) under my Goode Wife picture, will bring you there. Stop by and mosey around a bit.

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