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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It Takes A Village

 Art is certainly a journey and we grow along the way. My work is so much better than it was when I went to Art School ~ but without Art School, I would not have gotten where I am today. There are people that tell everyone, they are self taught Artists...and I am not sure that "taught" embraces it all...certainly, you were taught things, but you also have to have a great deal of motivation, a sense of the media and bravery to put it together your way.

 I was taught by many....Mrs. Howe in Grade School, my Gram as we stitched up "Beans" the frog.... Mrs. B for those oil painting lessons. My Father ~ every step of the way. I'm proud to tell everyone that I was taught by many. I was touched by many more in my life and they certainly impacted my journey and taught me things. My gift was given...my motivation was strong....I was willing to learn; to take what I learned and improve my skills. I also made a point of giving back to others and still do to this day. 

I know that I would not have succeeded with this piece when I was in Art School; they taught me the technical ability...but I had to grow my gift.

In it all, I didn't think I was ready. Faces are so difficult for me. This technique was unconventional in my choice of paint also (I made my own). While it certainly came out better than I imagined, there were times that I though I had failed and it would find it's way to the trash. Motivation and the knowledge that I had nothing to lose brought me here. Now, I know I can grow and do better.  It took a Village of people for me to get here....

There are still people that will touch my life; to inspire and share, as I will with them..it's a circle. I'm happy about that. The pieces that you do are your voice, but there was a chorus of teachers behind you to give you the ability to make your piece sing loud and clear. Cheers to so many that inspire and share. 

I am happy with the direction that my work is going and growing. There are changes ahead for me and I am anxious  to explore and learn some new teachings...as well as share what I have been taught.

Here's to those that teach, encourage and inspire. You don't have to have a certificate or degree to share your knowledge. Something you say, or some piece of information that you share could change a life..it could change many. I find that exciting....

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Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Stacey, Actually I thought the face on this piece turned out really well, very detailed, something I could never do. Actually it artist like you, who do such fantastic work, just love the crow with the egg and all your mice creations, you are just so talented. I guess looking at your creations helps me see that this is something I can still achieve, that trying even though we may fail, oh how many things have I done that ended up in the trash, but seeing your desire to create and the love you put into your creations, makes me hope for a time when I will have my own. Thank you also for letting those of us, use your patterns, I have done several of them and just love making them. Thanks again Stacey for the inspiration to keep going. Vicky