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Friday, May 15, 2009

Full Circle

These dolls have been my passion since I walked into Netty's home to draw for her twelve years ago now. I know with certainty that I am doing what I was meant to do. I'm just needed more in the other areas of life, which has now become more hectic than I'd like. I was able to grab hold of enough time to make three offerings for TDIPT. We were asked to do at least one offering as an Americana theme and I was off without another thought as to what I would do.
I have been wanting to do Abe for quite awhile. His face pattern has been sitting near my sewing machine since early December and with a few adjustments he was perfect for today. I will be off this afternoon to visit with my Dad and show him Abe. You see, not far from here is Robert Todd Lincoln's home, Hildene. It is a beautiful estate and it holds special meaning to my father. His Grandparents worked the land for Mr. Lincoln many years ago when Mr. Lincoln was alive. My father's mother, Jennie sat on Mr. Lincoln's lap when she a small child (not something that he did often, as my Grandmother described him to my father as "grumpy"). She would go on in later years and describe the kitchen area (a servant's entrance) to my father who passed it along to me. Several years ago, I was invited by the Hildene Staff to bring some of my work for a holiday show. I brought my father along and we were treated to a private tour of the home. Imagine our smiles as we walked into the kitchen and my father retold his mother's very accurate description!


Baggaraggs: said...

Stacey, you blow me away. Lincoln is fabulous as is your story of your Family. My GGGf was the governor of Virginia (James Barbour) and his home was designed by his Friend Thomas Jefferson. Pretty Cool. Homespun Hugs to you. Robin

kat449 said...

OHHH Stacey,
I love, love, love Prez. Abe!
I am busy & looking forward in having the entire summer off to create...I miss it so much, but no time, or energy!
I am in the process of designing a couple of prim & whimsical goodies to giveaway on my blog that Im celebrating my homecoming...Ive been clicking my heels as Dorothy suggested but I couldnt find my way back home till now.
Please stop by and let me know what you think of my recent projects.... I have missed you. Coffee and grill is always on! Hugs, (((Kat)))

Finegan Antiques said...


Just found your blog. Wow I love your creations! And your story about your family and Lincoln is wonderful. Talk about having history touch your life.
I read your bio and I too love early American history especially the 17th and 18th centuries. I also love Gravestone art. Everytime I travel to New England I make it a point to visit cemetaries. Plimoth and Marblehead are my favorites.
Thanks for sharing and keep on creating. I'll be sure to keep checking in on your sites.