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Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting Settled

Life is slowly coming under some kind of control here. I've been unpacking my transient life between the show and Tim's. I still can't put my hands on a few things that I would like as I am creating....but I've always had that problem. The sewing machine is humming once again and the smell of coffee,vanilla and cinnamon fill the air. It looks like my Dad will be coming home soon and will start dialysis~ at least for awhile. I will have lots of time to stuff and sew as I wait for him at the hospital. I've unpacked my camera, who has let me know that he is tired after many years of service and would like a young whippersnapper to take his place. Spring does bring change doesn't it?

~ The cupboard display ~
~old friends, but new to you~

~Bella, relaxing in the room before her debut ~

There is a basket of friends calling, they are in various stages of coming to life. Some are samples, some for TDIPT and others are new patterns~ I do want to keep some things a surprise for you. Hopefully these pictures will keep smiles until I can write again!


Wildflower Cabin said...

What wonderful displays of charming friends you have! Each one unique and full of character! You do beautiful work!

Therese said...

You have the cutest things, great job! Ü

Mockingbird Hill said...

Lots of good wishes to your Mom & Dad...

And Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!