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Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Last Post Before I Leave

It's almost time. Tuesday morning, bright and early we will head down to Valley Forge. It's always been exciting and this year it is no less. I've been away from the computer other than to fill orders .Tim... the dear man has taken to sewing to help, along with cooking fabulous meals.

As most of you know, I help my Dad take care of my Mom (she has MS) and when needed, I help my Dad as his health is failing. Early last week he went into the hospital and we won't know until perhaps tomorrow if he will need heart surgery. My Sister In Law, Christine has come from New Mexico to care for my Mom and be there for the girls so that I could got to the show. We haven't seen Christine in 9 years...she is a much appreciated gift. More than she knows. I posted my favorite Halloween piece for our family Halloween Queen to see as well as my heart felt THANK YOU for dropping everything and making so many things possible at this time. If any of you would keep my Dad in healing thoughts and prayers...I thank you so very, very much.

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Cheryl said...

Valley Forge Shows are always so great. Wish I was going. Bless your mom and Dad. My mom had a form of MS, she had ALS, aka Lou Gehrighs Disease
Have a great trip