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Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside Was Frightful!

I've been busy back and forth between two homes since the last post. With winter comes Virus Season and this one has been difficult for some to shake. Luckily, it hasn't found me and I have been able to help my family through it.
As you have seen on the news, the ice storm from Thursday hit the North East hard. Up North, in Granville there was a few inches of snow to make a crust on the driveways. Other than some good sized branches, we were spared from the hardships of others are still facing. Rotterdam where the Goode Comfort Cottage is located, was not as fortunate. On Friday, in spite of the town being under a state of emergency, Tim made his way up to get me and bring me down for the last show of the year. He was fortunate to have power and friends and family stopped in for showers, hot coffee and even a place to rest warmly for a few hours. We have watched long chains of power trucks (10-20 to a time) pass along the streets to their next destination. Some are from Michigan and Pennsylvania. The tv has been on and off and the Internet spotty at best.
Yesterday we spent the day in Williamstown, MA for a quaint Holiday show nestled in the town. They were spared from much of the ice, but browsers and vendors had stories to share! A beautiful Quilter next to me shared that they were still without power at their home and we both chuckled when she discovered that she had a shirt on backwards after dressing in the dark that morning. It was a beautiful day in a snow covered Williamstown and I can't wait to go back next year!
Today I have been finally able to upload my offerings on TDIPT. I have two new pieces to share with all of you. The snowman, Mr. Flakes, was from a sketch done last year. I love how fun he turned out. Christine, however is my new love. I searched and searched for just the right fabric to show her off. I can't wait now to start the new designs for next year.....


Baggaraggs: said...

Stacey, whenever you want a break from that weather I have the sparest of spare rooms to offer you in South Florida. It has been chillly here but atleast no snow. I love your new creations. really neat. the deer is just beautiful. Robin

lovetheprimlook said...

Stacey, I love Mr Flakes !!! Christine is to die for !!! I would love to see her in a pattern.
Awesome !!! Happy Holidays to you and yours !!!