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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Springing Forward!

Spring is on it's way and the sap is running great! A trip to the sap house to visit cousins Mike and Lori is always a herald of Spring in this house. They will be very busy with approximately 1500 tapped trees. Some hobby!

My Red Winged Black Bird has arrived very late and calls for a mate every morning. I love listening to the birds wake up in the wee hours and welcome the sun. Netty and I are both coming out of hibernation and the show acceptances are coming in. We have one that is particularly exciting this year. It is perfect for us and our love of history. We have such a good time visiting each other and both come away inspired. We had such a good time discussing some of our favorite dolls. She has watched me study her way and the way of extreme primitives with a smile and a twinkle of her eye. She still can't believe that I still enjoy all that sewing!

There are so many things we want to do, and so little time! I have a new direction going forward that should open our show possibilities a little more. Every business has to grow and when it is at a point that it will be available to you, I will be announcing it. I have also joined a wonderful online group of ladies with varied talents and expertise in the 18th century. I am having a wonderful time learning so much. I don't have too many idle minutes in the day, but I am trying to spend time learning from these ladies and watching the John Adams series. Thank goodness for "On Demand" viewing. Not only can I watch it when I can, but I can squeeze it in to my schedule a few scenes to a time.

A very special THANK YOU to everyone that has sent prayers, picked up the phone or emailed me as my Father continues to improve. It is indeed a slow go and I am busy with special meals and Dr. appointments. I am very blessed to have so many friends here .