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Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm a YA YA!!!

Thank you Kat from Katerpillars No More for sharing this wonderful honor with me. And to know I'm a YA YA on top of it! I need to make a hat! There is a great crown idea in the latest Somerset magazine using chicken wire! Now that is me! ...minus all the lace and fancies of course... a crown would be good, perhaps with a chicken bone attached to represent my oneness with the movie. As with all my friends here, Kat is such a gift! If you haven't met her, there is a link to take you to her blog! And I'm off to find some friends to embrace in the spirit of Ya Ya. I can't put my whole list here can I??? hmmm...

June~ from Ruby Junes~ quietly steadfast and always a friend.
Cassie~ from Mockingbird Hill~ A great friend and YaYa in the Rick Club.
Lori~ From Stitches in Tyme(Notforgotten Farm)~ a wonderful spirit and she has the perfect Ya Ya crown already if you visit her blog! I'll have to dig up my picture to share!

Thanks to all of my friends here that touch me in so many ways. Tomorrow will bring the opening of TDIPT and also a celebration. For those who have sent well wishes and prayers to my Dad, he is home, finally but it will be a while before he regains everything. I will only be working part time for now so that I can take care of both parents.


RubyJunes said...

wow...thank you, dear Stacey! I am so blessed to have you as a kindred spirit...

Sharon Stevens said...

Stacey~I LOVE your designs! Girl, you have such a great creative mind. Can I borrow it?I promise to give you credit hehe
Mustard Seed Org

Mockingbird Hill said...

Hey Sistah! Thanks so very much for this wonderful award **blush**...and for stopping by to check in on my Mom! Both of those things are very special to me ;)

Love the new pattern, by the way...and thanks for the shout out to Rick! We know he still rocks...

You're the best!