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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Can Feel It

Spring is on it's way... I can feel it. Yesterday's snow won't be the last here in the North Country, but that's OK. The mornings are appearing quicker now and I can't wait for the clock change ahead. My backyard friend, the Red Winged Blackbird, hasn't made his appearance this year. I'm afraid I will need to listen for another generation. The Red Wing Blackbird will Herald the Spring before the robin's appear and call for a mate. A few Robins have danced on the front lawn already, even after yesterday's snowfall. It will soon be maple sugar season and we will visit my cousin's Sugaring House. Spring is on it's way for this Good Wife also. I'm sorting and packing fabrics for the new studio and going through last year's Spring designs that I didn't have time to use, along with new ones since my last holiday show. There are some fun bunnies, chicks and chickens along with some more extreme dolls ahead. Many thanks for all the emails about the new Blog Header. Maude has a new home now, but you will see more of Dearie and her friends.


tattered 'n torn prims said...

My grandpa always said....spring was here when the red-winged blackbird arrived....I'm watching and waiting...not so patiently!! The days are longer...so it can't be far....RIGHT?! LOL!!

kat449 said...

The spring has sprung...
the flowers has riz...
I wonder where them boidies is????

Now I know you have em!!!! I just love Dotty, thats my Mom in laws name who is in nt physically with us anymore, but Ill sure think of the both of you the next time I see a purtty robin.
B.T.W. I vote for the black bunny...hands down. hugs, Kat

Christine said...

dearest stacey,
we have fog & a light rain this morning, my red winged black birds are herein the fir tree by the front walk, some are singing from the catkins on the pond bank, they will sing for you soon, i'm sure.
Our first meadowlark has been here for almost 2 weeks...one tiny violet under the leaves on the lawn.
I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful dollies, I do love your Maude and of course your rabbits.
happy spring,