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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Are You Ready????

I am very pleased to announce that I will be a part of this wonderful magazine. As most of you know, I have been looking for a place to host my pattern line and announce new ones. This was the answer! Many thanks to High Button Shoe for showing me the way.I had to wait until my return from PA to get it all finalized. I will be opening on the first of each month and I am hoping to have a couple new patterns in the pattern shop for you. Look for a new crow and some fun bunnies. Unless of course something takes my fancy and lends it's spirit at the last minute! My Finished work will be under "The Good Wife" and the patten line will remain Raven's Haven.

It has been very busy since our return from the Heritage Show and I apologize for not being able to address so many personally. There are many details and paperwork that need my attention after the show and yes... taxes. Along with that we are getting fabrics sorted,organized and ready as we await spring and starting the studio. As I settle into the online magazines and work on shop orders, show work and licensed designs; I will also be looking into notecards from my drawings. It is an exciting time for me and I know that it will fall into place as it is ment. Balancing family and work takes quite alot. I am thankful to all of you. Without all of you, I could not move forward.


Mockingbird Hill said...

Stacey...This website is wonderful! Actually, we used to purchase hend stitched samplers from Pat when we owned our prim shop...she is also an incredible artist!

Rick was playing when I checked in here...made the visit even more special..haha!

Good Luck with all of your new ventures. ;)


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