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Monday, August 13, 2007

Tag~ I'm It!

Now who would do such a nice thing??? Angie Kuether of Love The Prim Look. Angie's Link is on my page. She is certainly one of the nicest people that I know on here and is dear to me. I think she has one of the biggest hearts I know! Sigh.. but alas, I can't tag her back. And so as the morning continues 5-7 of the nicest and dearest Goode wifes you shall see~~

  1. Katie of Home Keeping Hearts ~ it's like you always know what is my heart on so many things!
  2. Emily Franz~ of Hootin'Annies and also Blonde and Blithe. You have so much fun just being YOU and are never afraid to embrace it all!
  3. Cassie~ of Mockingbird Hill~ A very new friend but how I enjoy the lively spirit that is you! You always make me smile and what could be nicer?
  4. Lauren~ of Alice Lands~ A very nice friend and a wonderful artist. You are my eyecandy in all that you create! A new friend too and so very nice. The joy of nice friends is welcoming new and sharing all the goode with old and new!
  5. Christe', Netty, Kat , June, Jane, Cheryl & Emily ~ Although you have already been tagged or don't have blogs, I do want you to see that you ARE the nicest ladies I know.

I am very much honored to know all of these ladies~I hope I have not forgotten anyone! The banner and the tag have given goode reason to let each of you know that you do touch my life and I enjoy each and every one of you. Not only for who you are but for all that you do. You rock!

Thank you Angie and a high five back at ya!


Katie said...

Stacey, you are one of the most sincere and lovely people that I know. Thank you always, for being who you are. (p.s. It is nice to find you at the back table. hehe)

mockingbird hill said...

WOW Stacey...I am super surprised and sitting here with a smile so big, it just about wraps around my head! Can't get much bigger than that ;) Looking forward to enjoying this ride getting to know you better..thank you dear one..

Kat449 said...

Hi Stacey,
I wanted to thank you for the heartwarming sentiments you honored me with even though I dont have a blog yet!!!! You have included me with a handful of women warriors of excellence, my heros. Im humbled. You Rock! ...Kat