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Monday, August 6, 2007

All Goode Things

I wanted to share with everyone a little more about what I do and what I love. I have been selling my art for over 30 years now. These are a few of my favorite things~.The Graphics will all be available soon as notepads. Drawing is my very first love of all the arts.I also love very old tintypes and enlarge them. This is Francine, one of my favorite paper people that surround me as I work at the Goode Comfort Cottage. The chalk ware is from various sculptings that I did for Netty. She is always kind enough to share a piece with me. I didn't have any of my chalk ware with me to photograph, but I will do that for you soon. And finally, a bit of what I do here in the evenings to relax right before the stars appear. Knit! There are so many wonderful yarns and ribbons, and I decided to try making a simple scarf from a beautiful ribbon I found. As the sun sets here, we light the candles outside and enjoy the beauty of the flower gardens. There are areas strung with fairy lights and little candle lanterns so that perhaps if we are very, very quiet... we will spot the fairies coming out to dance. I am very blessed to have so much Goode!
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Katie said...

I love this post - beautiful, rich things in your picture. Wish I could sit with you under the fairy lights in the flower gardens...mmmm, how sweet these days are.