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Sunday, May 13, 2007


I'd like to take some time and space in my blog to celebrate the life of this young man, Bryan Tressler. Bryan lost his battle with Cancer on Tuesday, May 8th. We received a call from the school to tell us of Bryan's passing and I had the difficult task of telling Bailey.
Bryan and his family moved here three years ago from down state. I remember Bailey telling me about him and how much she enjoyed him in class. She had a hard time understanding how someone her age would have cancer. Bailey has enjoyed watching Bryan and all he has done these past three years. She came home one day and told me that her classmates were collecting money to buy Bryan a snowboard and that they were all going to sign it. Bryan LOVED snowboarding and I have found out that he was a junior Instructor at the local slopes this winter! Bryan wasn't in school a lot but when he was, he made an impact. Bryan truly lived life. He walked his own path. He taught the kids at Granville High School to be exactly who they are and not worry what others may think.
Bryan's classmates and the community were has been devastated to hear that Bryan lost his battle. The school had counselors for the kids. Bailey asked me to go with her to the calling hours and asked her Grampa to go with her to pick out flowers. When we arrived at the funeral, the line was way down the street! His classmates along with parents, most of the school staff and so many others from this town. I was amazed at just how many people this young man had touched! As Bailey and I introduced ourselves, Bailey started to get teared up. Bryan's father told her to CELEBRATE his life and try not to be sad. We went through the memorial that Bryan's family had put together.. and yes, the snowboard with many signatures was among pieces and pictures of a young man that loved life!
Afterwords, we went across the street to the Church basement where everyone was having some refreshments. Not to long after we arrived, you could hear it start to thunder and rain. It poured so hard and then... it hailed. The hail came down sooo heavy that the lawns were white! Bailey and I looked out and I told Bailey that I think this is Bryan! He made it snow, the best way he could so that we would all know he was near!
Bryan's funeral was lively and musical. A town came together to celebrate a young man's life. I am adding a link in my "Eye Candy" section called the Caring Bridge with his parent's permission and also, if you would like to go to "My Space" and do a search for Bryan Tressler, you will see Bryan. Both of these places will tell you Bryan's Story in his words and the words of his family and friends. Bryan Tressler~ you rock!

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Katie said...

What a terrible tragedy for that family & what a blessing their son was to them. I took the time to look at the links you shared, and read through the journey of the family. It seems that they were (and are) better for having known Bryan and so was everyone else. My heart goes out to that family, truly truly truly. I can't imagine the sorrow and yet, it seems that he left lots more happiness and gave strength to his family. What an amazing boy. Thank you for sharing, I am better because of it.