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Sunday, May 6, 2007

aoi a bhfuil fáilte roimhe

I imagine you must be thinking , I'm a wee bit snockered! Instead I would like to welcome you in Gaelic~ it simply means, "a welcome guest". Welcome to my humble little blog once again. This weekend was a special treat for me. Bailey was able to spend a couple nights with her Gram and Poppa and all of cousins up at the old farmhouse. She celebrated a belated Birthday there. Tim whisked me away for my belated Birthday gift~ tickets at the historic Palace Theater in Albany and Riverdance!
It was indeed a chance of a lifetime. The seats were perfect~ five rows back~ we were just above stage level. If you have a love of any thing Celtic or mystical, music or dance, you will enjoy this! Irish history and ancient Celtic mythology are perfectly woven. Riverdance is not just about dance, it's about history. Not just the history of the seven nations, but history since the dawn of man. History of the river and the life it gives as it flows. They also touched upon how in the mid nineteenth century, Irish immigrants came to the new world, leaving loved ones, family and community behind. We saw the blend of of immigrants and their struggles in dance. One fascinating part was a scene called "Trading Taps". Here we are told,"the wealth of the poor is in song, dance and story." It was a riveting performance as we watched young men, Irish Americans and Black Americans, dance pridefully to their heritage and then come together and blend. There was so much~ the Russian Dancers, a beautiful display of Flamenco dancing and the songs...all of it was amazing.
My head is still spinning with it all. There is nothing more perfect a gift, than one that touches your heart and soul. I am at the time in my life where there isn't too much I need; I have that close to me every day in family and friends....some of the best gifts are still the things that my daughters make me and leave hidden for me to find... but this was perfect. This was a memory.

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Katie said...

I liked this post, as I can relate to feeling that way about something like that. I've only ever been to something like that maybe 3 times...ever...but I would agree that those are the best kinds of gifts...you lucky, lucky girl!