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Friday, April 20, 2007

Timeless Words to Live By

What words or phrases capture our hearts? I love to try to figure out how sayings may have come about over time and circumstance. Some are fun, some of a serious note, and still others capture our hearts and we keep them close over the years.

I am enclosing a picture of a sign with a saying that stays with me and my children. Netty has had it on and around her porch for as long as I can remember. I asked her once if she knew just where that saying came from~ she thought perhaps an old English rhyme. I loved it so much that I painted it on a piece of garden fence and hung it in my home. When I left, it went with me. I made a few more and I have sold a few over time. I love just setting it out in front of the booth and seeing the reaction. While most do get it's meaning, many women love to get a little man bashing in!(easy, ladies!) For my daughters and I, it is our words to live by.
My daughters have been beside me through good times and bad... in all that touches my life. I have always been their constant and always been honest with them, (even if was something painful). They help put their sweat and tears into Raven's Haven and The Good Wives, knowing that it is theirs as well. They know everything that it takes to make patterns and dolls. They know how much work even small shows can be and how to treat everyone that walks into the booth, whether they buy something or not. They are patient and listening and answer questions with great pride and joy. They see the good, the bad and the ugly. They understand that sometimes you can't please someone no matter how hard you try. They know that sometimes people are nice for false reasons, and those will show in time. They realize that these are the exceptions and also bring balance to our lives. Some would say that I should not let my children be privy to it all, but they are farther ahead in life if they do.
In it all, they have found that there are so many wonderful and caring people out there and we are blessed to have so many touch our hearts and our lives. We see that putting our best forwards and doing a bit extra brings us the most special people. We are certainly blessed by all of you. We are, "The Three Amigos" and we put ourselves front and center and know that it is our word and our actions that define us in life. We try to grow a most beautiful garden.

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Carole said...

I have just read your blog for the first time and enjoyed it so very much. i read about your daughters, I love the sign about deeds & weeds, it's so true. I enjoyed hearing about Brimfield. I have not been there in years, but one my favorite antiques is from there. One of these days I would love to go back. Oh, if only I had the time to do everything I love to do!! It's nice to meet you, i'll visit again. I hope you will visit me too. http://www.carolescountry.com