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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Living the Covid Life

We are doing our best to flatten the curve.
Our world is strange now and scary.
I can't see my girls 
or my Mom.
I do my best to talk to them, 
through their anxieties
about everything.

New York State
has been declared a disaster.
Starting tomorrow,
we will be like Italy 
in our measures.

Tim and I started about 10 days ago.
We are older, 
and I have lung issues.

There is much we can do!

Come on, my stitching friends,
There are MANY masks needed.

Not just our state,
but perhaps yours as well.
Maybe not today,
but certainly
in the days to come.

Doctors, Nurses,
Nursing Homes,
Vets and Vet Techs,
Home Care Workers...

 Both of my daughters
wear masks every day, 
so I approached this
from a Mom point of view.
.....also, as a doll maker,
I don't have elastic.
That is hard to find as well.

My thread may not match~
I am using up scraps
and fabric 
that no longer serves my art.
The insides are lined 
with muslin.

Cotton fabric is perfect,
and these masks fit around your face
 quite well.

 am providing the link for this pattern.
It is not to be made for profit,
so please use it 
for it's intended use.

Stay safe my friends
flatten the curve!


MyFarmhouseBlue said...

Bless you for doing such a wonderful thing! Praying the virus never touches your family.

susan hemann said...

iI too have been grounded for the last few weeks. Health conditions and age. I miss my grandchildren. I miss their hugs. I'm glad to see sewers making masks.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well aren't you the clever one??? But oh how I hate doing bindings LOL... (I know...whine, whine...) I'd be happy if I could get my husband to stay home to flatten the curve.... He is in a high risk class (as I am), but he carries on like it's life as usual..where he finds to even go these days is beyond me.... Hello.... Sunday Smiles ~ Robin