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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How Are You Doing?


How are you doing friends?
Are you taking care of yourself, in all of this?
Self-care is so important,
and now,
even more so.
Make that cup of tea...
Step out back for some fresh air,
or open a window.
We can smell spring!
Spring is hope!
The promise of life renewed.
I thought long and hard
about picking my blog back up.
When reading Blogs, 
you can 
look into someone's world 
and their thoughts
on a deeper level.

I have always loved being in the car
when it is evening;
you can see inside someone's home,
 for that split second.
Are they are home from a long day of work, perhaps?
 The tv may be on, so perhaps they are catching up
on the news as supper cooks?
or just enjoying a show after dinner.
A bedroom light upstairs...
perhaps that would be someone young, 
working away on homework.
Snippets in a blink.
Lives we can imagine.
There is a feeling of comfort in that;
A soft place to land...

Our home is different
the past few weeks
and I'm sure yours is 
to a similar extent as well.
We have stay at home orders 
in Upstate NY.
The picture above
was my inspiration last Spring,
just before we left for Salem.
Now, it's time to stitch some up,
for Bewitching Peddlers in the Fall.
Creating has always been my self-care.
a place to immerse myself.
Whatever gives you peace and comfort,
make sure you do some of that!


is also home for me.
a favorite recipe, 
and tonight's dinner.
I added the link for you...
and will share how I do it.
I use a little more cinnamon and less salt. 
I just sprinkle it on each side.
I don't add the onion...
and for the sauce,
2 cans of Contadina
sauce with Italian herbs.
Easy, right?
we love it.

Later, this evening...
this sweet girl
will be offered on EHAG Emporium.
The link is to the left. 
9 pm (EST) sharp...
A nice little visit,
to see what the Halloween artists are up to,
in their homes.

~take care of yourselves~ 


MaryCarol said...

Oh my gosh, I do the same thing. . .driving around at night, imagining. . .
<3 Take Care!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Aha....more proof of our sistahood LOL... I thought I was the only one who loved the window glimpses..... I tell everyone I don't drive at night because of my night blindness...that's only partly true...the other part of the truth is I get too distracted window watching. ;-) Those sister dolls are still some of your most amazing creations in my book. I hope to share on my blog soon, if that is acceptable to you. And oh...that skelly girl!! What a treasure! If only finances weren't so uncertain now, someone else would be finding a new home! I know you have no difficulty amusing yourself, so I will only say stay safe my friend.... ~Robin~

Claudia Black said...

Sweet pics and sweet happy song, something we need right now. thank you. Claudia