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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Really March?!

March can be such a fickle month
 in its unwillingness
 to let go of Winter 
embrace Spring fully.
Of course, 
we are ready for Spring
well before March is.
We know we will see a snow or two...
perhaps a Nor'Easter.
in less than 2 weeks?
 ...and you may want to toss
in another?

Perhaps, it was for the better. 
Without the frippery
of green 
I can say that 
I have been 
working feverishly.

My Early Work Mercantile
truly reflects
the hours that I have been putting in
creating, taxes, patterns, deadlines
a little something special
coming up.

Many late nights
have left me
yawning in the afternoon.
Thank goodness for 
tea and biscuits!
These afternoons
have inspired 
another style of 

I am fully enjoying
my love affair
with toile.

...and ticking.

Textiles can make me giddy 
with excitement
as inspire 
and materials collide.

As March decides
what direction it wants to go;
I have put 
a lot of the drudgery
in my work
I am excited to keep growing my designs.

I will be ready,
when Spring makes an appearance.
I can enjoy doing what I do,
outside ...
and letting all that I love
work its magic.

****Be on the lookout 
for my next post~
I have some celebrating to share ****


Kathie Baker said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations!

Fran Caswell said...

That little mouse is so stinkin' cute! Yes enough already of the Nor'Easters. I am tired of losing power.

susan hemann said...

you truly are a master doll maker!