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Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Raven's Haven!

Fifteen years ago, 
Raven's Haven made
it's debut
on a site called Crow Soup.

It was a nail-biter for me. 
I was separated from my Husband
and raising our two daughters. 
The store I worked at,
 had closed six months before.
Jobs were scarce
in that sleepy little village.
We were living with my parents
and I was helping to care
for both parents.
My Father approached me and told me...
" You have a roof here and food.
Now is your chance
 to make a business with your art."

I set my sites on Pattern making,
 to give me year round income.
Each month,
 I would try to put up
3 new designs. 
Little by little, 
it grew!

I never thought that I would be here 15 years later~
I never thought that they would continue to be popular.

My Father has since passed.
I have divorced and remarried 
to my best friend.
My children are grown and on their own.
I still work from home.

All of this because of YOU.
I was given opportunity~
I put in hours of work...
but ultimately,
you make me the success.

And so...
Thanks to a call for help~
my Merrie Mouse
free mailer has returned to me.
(She was lost in the move)
Now, I'm not too savvy on the computer, 
but here it goes.
For best results, 
click on the picture and let it open up. 
Then, Right click,
 save image,
Print using landscape, 
regular margins and fill page.

For my friends that don't sew~ 
How fun, as a punch needle pocket
or a hooked rug?
However, you wish to use her,
enjoy her. 
I would LOVE to see 
what you come up with!

Still not enough celebrating?
well... stop by my Etsy Shoppe
and enjoy a SALE!

You can enjoy 25 % Off, 
(this is the deepest discount 
that you will see this year)
 today until Monday, 
March 19th  at Midnight, EST

I have also gathered
5 patterns from the vault 
dusted them off


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Mother Goose Make Do

Getting Jiggy On The Fourth

St. Jigs
Do You See What I See?

1 comment:

Jacquie Wheeler said...

Happy 15 year anniversary!! I remember seeing your patterns for the first time and falling in love instantly! I never imagined way back then that I would get to know you and call you friend. Thank you for bring love and laughter to so many of us over the years! Here's to the next 15 years!!