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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

From Snow to Summer

I didn't intend to stay away so long.
The days have started to pass more quickly it seems.
I still have a ways to go,
but I am much more comfortable
and happy to be
fully back to work.

Clay is once again 
my beloved companion.
My sculpted friends are getting a bit 
of a make over.
Their bodies,
 going more in the direction 
that I originally wanted, 
while still whispering
 to the past.

Time away from my work,
gave time for research 
and success in 
the process that
 I originally wanted
years ago.

Reminding me to
stay steadfast and not lose 
sight of my
Answers come along 
when they are supposed to.
There were things 
I needed to learn first
and growing to do.

And so...
as our surprise snows 
 have melted;
 Summer temperatures 
have tickled us awake 
from our wintry slumber...
new friends are emerging
for April's
Early Work Mercantile.

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