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Saturday, April 15, 2017

An Affair Of The Heart

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It's clear to see in my work
that I have Spring Fever,

I am ecstatic 
to be fully back 
and doing what I love~

I can't tell you,
how much I missed
I can tell you,
that I can see 
a huge difference
in spite of 
the healing that will continue.

Stitching never felt so good!

I am always researching.
 I want to continue 
to do better...
and keep
my original vision,
that grounds
me on my journey.

Sometimes, we don't find the answers 
that we are searching for
right away.
It can take years...
i am a true believer
that what we search for,
 will come when it is supposed to.

Pixie Sleepy Mousels!!!!

I will continue
to walk this journey, 
my way.

Sometimes stepping out
a bit differently
from others,
that may do similar
and concepts...

...shhhh, baby dragon sleeping

these friends of mine
heart driven.

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