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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Things We Do For Love

Bella Donna

I am enjoying my Firefly Summer...
The past week or so has been very hot, 
but as a whole...

We have enjoyed concerts in the park,
ice cream with friends,
lots of time with family~ 
both up North and here.

Morning Coffee together on the "veranda",
the soft, coolness of clay between my fingers...
tiny stitches
garden goodies for dinner.

Kelly and Mackenzie Rose

As July ends it's waltz, 
it is time to pick up the pace a bit.
The dance of August will have a faster beat...

Wee Mackenzie will start her time here
with Grampa Daycare....
Miss Jessie will be spending time with us 
as college begins.
She brings with her,
 a couple of fuzzy kids to spend the week days.

This wee Jack O' Lantern belongs to a new friend...
EHAG is this Sunday at 9 pm EST

We live as my Grandparent's taught us...
there is always room.
A full house is a house full of love.
We have it here 
in all we do and all that we are ...
to the brim!!!


Jacquie Wheeler said...

So sweet!! What a gorgeous wee babe!

Fran Caswell said...

A house full of love and a beautiful baby to snuggle! Doesn't get any better. : )

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Life is for sharing...
Be it our home, our heart or in your case the smell of a sweet new babe. How beautiful she is and how lucky you are.
Hope you are well and surviving the heat! I love the Summer with all the fruits of the garden but the lack of rain and humidity this year has not been pleasant. I do hope those cooler August days where you bring out a blanket again for the evening sleep are soon to return.
Take care my dear and as always the visit was enjoyed...
Susan x