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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Candlelight, Cranford And Tiny Stitches

My sewing companion, keeps watch over my stitches.

 We have been waiting for rain...
the kind that takes all day.
The rain that awakens you
 with it's soft pitter patter...

I love these days, 
they break up the hot and humid 
Summer waves.

They beg for candleglow...
BBC series to work by.

Nellie Rat

As the last day of July makes it's way to the evening hours,
opens...at 9 pm EST.
I have only been with this group for a few months,
but I adore it!
So many talented Halloween Artists have gathered and offer a one of a k
ind piece.

There, you will find my Nellie Rat.

As you know, 
They are always limited...
because, well...
there are always a bunch of inspires trying to get out in time for

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Debra said...

I love browsing through EHAG's offerings...your work is wonderful. I also share your taste in BBC, because Cranford is a favorite of mine!