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Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year, New Life

January can be a cold, cold friend....
but so far, 
our days have given way to more rain than snow.
It was raining before the sun woke up and the pit-pat sounds lulled me through my morning slumber...
Making me want to stay in bed, 
whilst the urge to create nudges me with ideas creeping into my noggin.
so much for staying in bed!

Last Spring, 
I picked up the sweetest,
 tiny canvases. 
I thought I would have time to paint...
silly me.

January, however
is usually best to hold bit of me time. 
That is when I take a deep breath,
and set some color pallets and design plans. 
 I write notes of what pulls my heart...
so I won't get too scattered as the year moves forward.
I try to do a few projects that I find relaxing.

So, the tiny canvases called and I have enjoyed picking up the paintbrushes again...
Like needle, clay and pen, 
they are a very old friend to me.

They will need to make way for a few days however,
as my Early Work offerings call to be completed.
Licensed meetings and outlines have begun...
not to mention,
their projects outlined and supplies ordered.

January is a goode month to get it all together with a clear head...
once February and March come, 
my head will be filled with Spring's callings.

This year will have some big changes for our family...
My beloved is retiring from his job.
That means we will be learning to live a little differently.

He knows that I will always create,
as that is my soul.
We will be learning to balance our life in a manner that befits us.
There will be a new Wee one in late Spring,
and it looks like a Fall wedding...

These are but a few things to embrace~
who knows what the rest of the year will bring us!


susan hemann said...

love your paintings! change is in the air! good luck

The Eveningstitcher said...

OH....retirement is such a lovely thing! Although it does embrace changes....it is all good. I retired two years ago along with my husband, and it has been wonderful! A little strange at first....but we have both moved into it with ease....being grateful for each day.

Anonymous said...

I hope your new life always has clean, blank canvases, small or otherwise, in the offing, as they promise so much! Congratulations to your husband! Retirement is rebirth!

TheCrankyCrow said...

You truly never cease to amaze and enchant. I adore the wee lil' witch especially well... What gifts your hands hold! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin