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Friday, January 1, 2016


Ours has been a quiet New year today. 
Milky skies and snowflakes outside...
and the yellow cast of lamps and candles inside.
Cozy~ just as I like it!

I shared on my Facebook last night that I had taken a cue from a beloved friend.
I tried it last ear and loved it.
I am not making a resolution any longer.
They seem to get lost somehow;
at least for me.

I will pick a word...
one word that will be my theme for the year.
Last year, the word was "Blessing"
and in a topsy turvy year of change, 
I found blessings every day!

This year, I chose "Embrace".
Already I am so excited.
There are big changes coming ahead this year in home,
family and my creating.
Some we know, 
as they cross over the year timeline.
Some however...
are just starting to land on my lap.

And so, I will embrace 
the goode days and bad.
for without one, we truly do not know the other.
I will embrace family and friends..
and I will embrace doing what I love full time again.


Tammy Franck said...

Happy New Year Stacey!! I'm looking forward to a brand new year as well! I can tell it will be a good one!!


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Happy New Year Hun and the very best to all you embrace...
Susan x

Anonymous said...

"Embrace" is a wonderful mantra for living, Stacey! It allows us to accept the challenges life brings…and fully appreciate the blessings. Tomorrow my husband and I will be getting our dog…a very active dog! And although we haven't had one since our beloved "Sir" died thirteen years ago, we will embrace our new family member and all the challenges and blessings that come with him…:) Thank you for this encouragement!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Embrace is certainly a wonderful word to live by.

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I think "Embrace" is a great word for the new year ! I look forward to following along as you embrace 2016. ~ hugs Angela