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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sniffles and Offerings

Dori Sparrow

The Wee Cottage is bursting with life~
It's finals week for Jess and I'll miss her and her critters while she goes home between semsters...
A wee little boy brings us lots of smiles during the days~
and I am working as I can between naps and snacks...

Old Thistle the hunched back Doormouse

is open 
and I am a bit late.
In all of this, a case of the sniffles has been coming on for a few days.
Yesterday was difficult and I am thankful for lots of homemade soup and the ability to rest.

I am feeling better and now I would like to introduce you to some new friends.

Wee Rosebud Doormouse

I am smitten with Gnomes.
 Not to mention making visions come to life.
With Dori, played about with how best to give her a plumpish body.

Each friend is new and fun! T
hey all have ribbon wrapped pixie booties 
and a blanket of antique batting~
 best of all,
I have offered them each with a special sale price for the Holidays.

Now that is Goode News!


Anonymous said...

Each one is so sweet…I feel like a little child again when I look at them!

susan hemann said...

as usual wonderful! hope you feel better soon!