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Monday, December 7, 2015

An Online Show

Hello friends~
 It's almost time! 
I sent out emails and posted on social media~
My friends that did not get adopted while in Gloversville, 
will have another chance on Thursday evening.

They are all chattering madly~
A new home is quite exciting! 
A click on Griswold's picture will take you to  the Picturetrail site.
You may want to review how to purchase and look at some past friends.

Me; I am ready to really jump back into creating and designing full time again. 
I can't believe how fast it has all sped by~
with a little one now walking and talking....
and a new brother or sister 
who will make an appearance in June.
I won't have full time Nonnie/Nanny duties, 
but they will not be far.

It certainly is, "the most wonderful time of the year" !

* The link is now fixed~ Thank you!


Kathie said...

good morning, Stacey!
how nice for you to be able to spend more time on your wonderful creations. If "Griswold" is the lovely brown fellow with the jaunty red scarf at the top of your post... clicking on him brings me to a page requiring a password... was that what you intended? Thanks!

Stacey said...

Hi Kathy~ The link tests correctly on my end. You should go to the main page with a sculpted sheep lady and a floral vinework background. perhaps the link on the side bar of this post will bring you there? Will try to rectify!