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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunny With A Chance Of Changes

Why is it that those long Summer days can speed by, 
fast as lightening?

It has been a very rainy June.
Part of the garden is happy 
part is well...yellowing.

The firecrackers have died down 
and now I can listen 
to the Summer sounds...
the wail of the trains...
the early birdsong
the whish of cars.

In it all, there are changes for us here.
Possibly a few in the next couple of months.
I won't jinx anything in speaking of possibility.

What I can share ~

My youngest daughter Jessie, 
will be attending college not far from me.

Her beau, Matt is already taking classes there and although he commutes,
Jess has asked if she could bunk in during her schooling.

You can see me smiling and dancing, I know.
I talk with my girls every couple of days, but every Mom secretly loves when they come back.
No matter how long
how short.

She took this past semester off, 
which we all felt was needed after the sudden loss of her Granma.
She is now ready to try a different college.

When she isn't studying or with her 
She will be learning the pattern business...
following her creative voice.

all those years ago,
when we were at the 1812 House~
A wee lass would play with the doll house 
that is now here at the Cottage.

It is time for her to wrap up in all that has been the Good Wives,
and see 
if it is her heart also.

no matter what she does, or where she goes...
she will always have 
her creative voice.


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

…wings to fly ~ roots to grow ~ ….those are our greatest gifts to give them.
*tiny chippy is adorbs!*

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog. The music is a nice touch. Not to mention the beautiful crazy art work!!

Linda said...

Wonderful post. You have a beautiful blog, and the music is lovely!