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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Gift of Handmade

Saturday is coming rather quickly.

We will be in Wilton NY for the

19th Holiday Craft Fair


Ballard Elementary School
300 Ballard Rd.
Exit 16 off of I87

We love this show, It is fun to do and everyone is so pleasant. 
It's a halfway point to Granville for me,
 and so many friends stop by and say hello~
The Goode Wife will be in the Main Hallway this year,
just past the entrance.

A perfect opportunity to pick up Handmade gifts...
something unique or special...
be inspired.

I have been making a few things from some of my favorite designers...
sometimes taking them for a spin,
 like the little Angel Kitty.

Their designs fit and allow me to work on the techniques that first drew me to Primitives.
you can see and feel the love this way.

I have been missing that.
the weight of rags...
the feel of grass~ like olde horsehair...
for me,
 it is like old memories being awakened.


susan hemann said...

I just love the winged cat! Good luck with your show.

Stacey said...

Thank you Susan~ I love all things Angel <3

susan hemann said...

So do I! I have been making angels for over 20 years.