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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pieces of Olde

I treasure my pieces of olde. At times I wonder if I left my heart in a place of long ago.....I am always drawn to them, be they shoes, gloves, pictures and diaries. Most things old that hold within, a person of long ago. 

It is a dreary and rainy Solstice in Upstate New York. As dusk arrives, it brings with it a fog ...making it a Sleepy Hollow dusk. There is beauty in the bare trees that stand in this misty fog. Inside, the lights and candles give the house a warm and cozy glow. I was upstairs sewing and I noticed the olde diary which is kept on my treadle table. My beloved treasure of a table, now is home to a much newer, but still basic sewing machine. Beside the diary, an olde shoe that I brought with me when I moved here three years ago. 

As I stitched away, my thoughts went to those who wrote diaries such as this, so long ago.  We don't do that anymore....we have so much at our fingertips and yet we don't do the simple things like write a note or a letter to those we love on a regular basis...nor do we journal our days and lives. Even the tombstones of old would many times document the life of the person at rest, with words of their passing or symbols carved with love and meaning.

I picked up the diary of Rufus Henderson, dated Monday, Dec.12, 1896. There are reminders to note the thermometer reading and weather. He wrote:
"Just snow enough
to cover the ground
 no sleighing yet 
ground frozen very

It is difficult to read in parts as the pencil seems to have faded with time. I will enjoy a little slower pace in the year ahead. I want to take time to enjoy more Simple Joys such as these....

Saturday, December 21, 2013

It has rained most of the day and the temperature has not varied much and is in the lower 40s. Half of our snow has melted. We are fortunate with our weather, as many have had ice in parts of our Country today. Evening could bring worse weather to some States. The street has been busy today with the holiday approaching. I am happy to be home and mixing chores with creating. Blessings to all, this Solstice.

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Lady Locust said...

Don't lose heart, there is someone out there who writes in a diary & corresponds with friends via handwritten letters, preferably with an olde dipping style fountain pen. She, like you, appreciates those things from eras past, those worn, loved, cared for things that at one time meant something to someone ~then nothing to anyone, until one day taken in by someone who would again appreciate them for what they are and the story they hold. She is me.
What a beautiful post.
Merry Christmas.