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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweet October

October slipped in softly this morning....it drifted in on warm breezes and spiced coffee. The leaves are starting to change nicely and there is some harvesting, still to do. I am amazed at the blessings brought forth from the magazines. I've lots to share of the past couple weeks, but that will be another post. Today is my celebration of October.

I had to wait for the sun to rise for my Olde Primitive Peddler offerings. With such special offerings, one surely needs to show them off.
Charlotte, pictured above, is my last Pumpkin Sculpt for the year. She came with me to the Harvest Festival so that I could try to sneak in a few stitches, here and there. It was not to be, although she and Jarrah did get to chat quite a bit, before Jarrah waved farewell and set out for her new home in Georgia.

I love these sculpts. I grow and learn with each one. from finishing techniques to patterning and construction~ they are always a journey. Charlotte was inspired by her dress fabric. There is magic, watching how it will transform and change. It came off the bolt as a crisp white and gray. A little magic changed it to a warm, softer and more timeworn look, befitting such a sweet and gentle Ladye.

I love the way wire speaks to me and it has been a favorite since a High School Studio class, all those years ago. It can go so wonky and have such character~

Let's not forget about Mice. They have been great subject manner for many years  for me and I smile at how I have grown up with them....from ceramic clay in the 70's to felt in the 80's. They certainly look a whole lot better now! I am thankful for a couple of great gentlemen, who inspired me to keep going with them on a bitter cold day in January. Mice and birds have blossomed here on Curry Road and I could not be more thankful for their imput.

A gentle nudge to step them up a bit, has brought me to this place. This Wee Meadow Mouse is Reenie, and very special indeed. You see, last night as she was coming to life, I was told of a dear Aunt's passing. Somehow, in all of the magic that springs from within~ my little Mouse came to look like the sweet and wise Aunt that she is honorably named after. It is always amazing that these characters will reflect in look and character, those that touch my heart and my life. How sweet is that?


gala2808 said...

I admire thy dolls, unusual, but very beautiful!

casey said...

they are the sweetest gentlemen ever...Proud to call them wonderful friends!!

hey know a Goode thing when they see it!! Enjoying the book tonight.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

beautiful post today my friend ~ I love your pumpkin dolls and mousels :)
Happy October to you!!!