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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who Says, You Can't Go Back?

As April was closing the door behind, and May was waving Hello....I was fast at work, putting the finishing touches on my offerings for both, Simply Primitives and Olde Primitive Peddler.

I am so excited about where I'm at...back to the soul of the Primitives....yesterday, I was in a phone meeting, getting specifics for some design work. We talked about how business is changing and many want a lighter look....not so dark. I smiled... in as much as there are those that are lightening up their homes for a more Country to Cottage look....the extreme prims still fit. They provide texture, contrast and a focal point. As I hung my new friends up to photograph....I saw it for myself.  My Fox, Jackie, has simple lines and is very distressed. A polka dot dress in a aged apple green, makes her a standout. 

Lucinda is a little bigger version of one of my older style hens. She is very prim and gives a wink and a nod to a more Americana look with just her coloring. She is a mix of simple lines with textured details.....

And last in the more extreme Primitive look; is Claire. My love of a simple sheep design clear. As much as she is so simplistic....she calls for someone to take a look at her...or pick her up and hug her.

These three Wee Folk are listed on Old Primitive Peddler and the emails coming in do make me smile. I've missed doing these prim friends of mine and many of you have written to tell me. It looks like the heavy distressing and simplicity are here to stay!

Now, my other offerings  on Simply Primitives, tend to have more whimsy, than prim to them...at least right now. Don't be fooled though...they are merely going through an adjustment period.  Carmen refuses to do anything but celebrate her favorite holiday.

Her wee friend Lizzie is her best friend......and partner in Halloween celebrating. But Fiona... well, lets just say I was inspired by a young friend that asked me one day, if I believed in fairies. Her inspiration brought me to a little different place....but if you have seen my works as a young teen.... you see Fiona. Oh yes.. I do believe... I believe in many things. Fairies are but one.
I am fortunate to love all that I do. I've had a wonderful time with drawing and sculpting. They have been a strong part of my youth and I still visit them regularly...I've loved spending a couple months with them.

The Primitives called me home, however... they live within my soul. I'm back and I love it. I'm fortunate to do what I love, in as much as many love what I do. 


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

...and we are so fortunate to have you designing great patterns for us Stacey!

Jan Conwell said...

I love Lucinda w/ her egg.