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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome Back, Primitives

After taking some time away from Primitives to explore other media that I love, I found that I really did miss these wee folk! My friends and colleagues that have traveled the same path all these years have had a discussion for a while now... have Primitives moved on? It's been difficult to tell over the past year, given the economy, but since I decided to design them again, I've noticed something. Some friends that had moved on from Primitives have been starting their sewing machines moving in that direction again....and loving it! Their customers have too!  The feedback from customers has been like a welcome home hug. My inbox has been flooded with emails asking for more..... new and fresh primitives; and patterns oh the pattern requests!

I thought that it was time to bring some oldies but goodies back to my PictureTrail site. Some of you will see them and remember them...for others it is a first time. There will be new ones on the way, but until then, I am offering you  some other friends. These friends of mine, often rotate in popularity from year to year. Perhaps you will be be saying, "AHA! That's who made that design! Others may be inspired in a whole new way!

Above is Lena the crow. Lena is reminiscent of an elderly Polish woman in the village that I lived it. Oh how I loved her! She always walked Main Street with a coat or sweater and a Babushka. Who knew that she would begin the Babushka trend with others! Here are a few of her old and dear friends, ready to make their home at Raven's Haven PictureTrail.

Bernadette The Baguette Lady

Lena's Glorious Ride
Bickey Brown

Muriel Bovine


~And this is where you can find them~

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Колина Екатерина said...

I like Lena very much))))

ennovyennovy said...

moi aussi j'aime Lena

Bobrik said...

Очень красивые, восхитительные работы!!! Ворона - покорила!!!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I do so love them all Stacey....primitives have such character and 'history' to them...it is difficult to express what I mean, but I think know already. Thanks for making such wonderful designs.

Stacey said...

* Bobrik's translation~ "It is very beautiful, amazing work! Crow - conquer!"

Thank you all so much. Looking back on these designs, only inspires me to make more! I just love them and their "wink and nod" to history and time periods. It is difficult to put it into words, Wendy...but it is in the heart!

Michelle May said...

I love all of them so very much!

Anonymous said...

Well Stacey, you know I LOVE all your patterns, I have so so many...PLEASE get some new ones out there for us!!!!