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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Art of Letting Go

I haven't been around long enough to post the past couple of weeks...and it may be sparse for a few weeks ahead. So many things...where do I begin? Above is one of my newest clay Folk. Oh how I love doing them. I have been thinking that they are higher end pieces with so much work... maybe I should let go of them for a bit until prices such as gas, groceries and other needfuls settle. This work is more inclined to feed my soul at the moment... or perhaps not. Before she was painted, I put a picture of her with my phone, on my Facebook page~ such a response! Maybe, instead of letting them go for a bit, I just need to step carefully forward with them! 

I have also been enjoying the bounties of our little garden. I have been able to cook, like I used to. I have been enjoying this bit of time now, that had escaped when I was at my Mom's caring for both parents and then her.  Now I can share with her and enjoy recipes that hold so many family memories. I am also in the midst of letting go of so many care-giving duties that I still had to hold on to since my move. My Uncle has stepped in to take over the transitioning paperwork part of my Mom's in-home transition as her pay-down is coming to an end. There is much paperwork ahead!  I am working with my Uncle to put things in motion and let go....let go of so much and finally be able to be just a daughter during her remaining years. It is a great weight and I am happy to know that my daughters, Tim and I can enjoy her and visit.  We can be there without the pressures of taking care of her financial, household and daily issues. I am elated and I know that it will have it's bumps along the way.  Those reins, that have been in my hand for over 18 years will be difficult too hand over and not feel like I'm missing or forgetting something. Instead, I will be learning how to simply enjoy and make memories. Here is to letting go and embracing life~

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canngil said...

you are a good daughter, and your mother is fortunate and loved.