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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Goode Visit Had

What is better than a trip to see friends? Enjoying the history and the food along with their company! Tim and I only had a couple days, but they are already fondly etched in our memories. Bailey and Jess are still there and enjoying the summer with their new found friendships of Rose and Annie.  We had a wonderful visit to Williamsburg. I never get to see it all, but that's why you just HAVE to go back. Next time, Jamestown is the first stop. Yes, Virgina, there will be a next time...and not so many years will go by before we do it again. A big thank you to Ron & Susan for their fine hospitality and to Arlys, for a great evening of catching up. We'l be back!

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Patty C. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit