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Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer In The Palm of My Hand

There is something about Summer Solstice that just makes my heart smile. Perhaps, it is the memories of past or the joy of making new. It is road trips and the smell of barbecues, the laughter of friends and family. 

It has been a few years since I've felt the sand between my toes or enjoyed the milky smell of palm leaves. Tim and I are gearing up to take the girls down to Virginia and let them enjoy a summer with dear friends. This is bound to produce huge amounts of giggles, tons of hugs and friendships that will last them a lifetime. The girls will stay and test the strength of their much loved Aunt Susan and Uncle Ron. Four teen age girls will gang up in giggles, as adventure lies ahead. 

Tim and I will return, as I will be awaiting the heads up for my move and prepare what I can. A show is right around the corner and that means plenty of wee folk to be made. There is a lot of living and memory making to be packed into the next eleven weeks. Are you ready?...on your mark.....get set.....GO! 


Finegan Antiques said...

Summers are so very precious. And to be a kid with all that summer fun ahead of you is such a delight. Oh, to be a kid again so carefree.


Jans Creations said...

I loved your last two postings. Such wonderful thoughts in both of them. Takes me back and the photo of, I assume is your dad, is wonderful too. What type of military service was he in? I don't recognize the uniform.
You say you are moving, well, I wish you loads of luck and even more, I wish you loads of energy. I, myself hate moving.
Have a wonderful Sunday