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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Job Or My Life?

Looking back over the past 7 years and trying to put up my new website, I wonder how I managed to come up with all of my little friends. If you could see my little Kitchen Table Studio and the areas that my work spills into, you would probably be asking why I ever wondered that at all. There are an amazing amount of pattern pieces, files and sheets of paper. Sometimes I think my ideas have all dried up. I have ideas yet to be sewn to pick from when the block hits, but then, at some point the ideas come back. Sometimes it's one or two here or there. Sometimes it's a barrage and I am torn between wanting so badly to fall asleep and being afraid that I'll forget by morning. I've been known to race out of bed and go straight for paper and pencil.
After I finish writing this, I will in fact, end up in the Recliner Studio. Tonight, I'll do some detail stitching for my Simply Primitive offerings on Sunday night. Paper and pencil are already right beside me in case I am inspired and I am hopeful that the approaching storm is not too bad. Perhaps If I am lucky, tomorrow will find me working on several things, such as finish work, uploading and pattern masters. This house has a life to it and other than a few hours at night, it is rarely quiet and peaceful!

I've learned over the years, that this is who I am. There is no off button. I can't just do this 9-5 and have weekends off. I feed my heart and soul with it and balance the rest of my life as much as I can. I can't imagine the concept of retirement and my girls can attest to the fact that even on vacation, I bring a few things to work on. I am fortunate to do what I love and even more fortunate that friends and family understand. I can't imagine working for someone else again. As a fellow artist told me at our last show, "Where else can I walk into work in my pj's, a cup of coffee and be a half an hour late." It's not an easy job, but it does have a few perks, no pun intended.


Suzanne-Poplar Street Prims said...

Loved this post Stacey. Being self-employed DOES have it's perks BUT, on the downside, the "boss" can work you to the bone, sometimes. And, it's hard to fire your employees... because you ARE the employees! I didn't get any sick days this year either. I worked right through a nasty, lingering cold this month. BUT, as you said, I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you Stacey!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh that kitty is just precious..will he be a pattern? I have 7 and this is just too cute and would look great in my home..have a great weekend..:)

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

I can certainly relate to this, Stace!! Retirement??? What's that??? I think I work more now than I did spending 70 hours a week at my school!! I sure could use an admin assistant, though! And an organizer!! And a housekeeper!! We are all happy that you keep a pencil and paper handy, to capture all those great ideas, and share the talents with the rest of us!!! Hugs and Happy Creating, Trudy

L~ said...

Hi Friend!

Hope you are cozy & have plenty of caw-fee as you say! :)

You may be rump deep in snowy goodness but we has a tsunami warning = I know you're jealous! HA!
All is well on the westest coast for now!
Nomore FB so I will be cking in here more!
Now go make something! :) xoxoL~

Jans Gourds said...

I love every visit to your site. It is so inspiring. I have a question regarding your wonderful dolls and their clothing. Do you design all their clothes or do you have patterns that you work from? I am having such a hard time with the clothing asspect. I could sure use a little advise. I have looked everywhere for clothing patterns but nothing that will work for Prims. Help
I'm not asking for any of your secret ideas or plans just some neighborly advise.
Your dolls are just beautiful and I am just getting started as you can see from my blog.